Introducing the truest, most natural tan possible! With high levels of erythrulose and the highest percentage of DHA on the market, this rapid solution is fully ready to rinse in 2hrs. Yes, 2 Hours. 


It's a true "what you see is what you get" solution. The natural bronzers ensure it's the same before rinse, after rinse and as the tan wears.


This solution has a Black Walnut bronzer boost for added color. Black Walnut can be an allergan in rare cases, so be sure to include that in your waivers and ask clients before using.


You can get a tan the day of your event and be ready in 2 hours or less! 

No more sleeping in sticky bronzers!

No more waiting a day to see results! 


Dark Depth 2

SKU: 0010
Base Color
  • Rapid Tan Solution. 1-2 hours rinse time for light tan. 2-4 hours rinse time for medium/dark tan. 6 hours for ultra dark tan. Complete development time is 24 hours, but results will be instant. 

    *Contains Black Walnut