Frequently asked questions

Is it okay to sleep in a Rapid?

That depends on the level of DHA. Our DHA is the highest available on the market and should not be slept in. There will not be any darker acheivement beyond the 6hr mark. I suggest clients wash hands in 1 hour, 2 hours max. The solution will not, however, over-develop.

Are Hollywood Glow solutions safe?

Yes! They contain high end and nourishing ingredients, including Eco Cert DHA. Melt2 has Black Walnut, so be sure to review this with clients before spraying. If a client has this nut allergy, clean your gun out thoroughly before spraying Melt solution to ensure Melt2 has left no residue.

Are Prep Kits Really Necessary?

This is the million dollar question! Hollywood Glow requires their spray tan clients to use prep kits the night prior to a spray tan to ensure there were no missed steps or unapproved products remaining on the skin. It is our job as spray tan artists to educate our clients and have products available to ensure they get a flawless tan each time! Prep Kits eliminate the chance of misunderstanding. It's insurance for you and your client! Your clients will purchase body washes, exfoliants and lotions SOMEWHERE, it should be from you!!

Should I carry both Green and Violet?

While Hollywood Glow's green base Melt and Melt2 are universal, Violets are recommended to achieve a deeper brown in skin tones that respond well to a violet base. Having both options ensures you are giving each client the best tan for their skin tone.