The Dark Depth Line

Natural looking bronzers mean your client won't look "dirty" or "wet" when leaving. There will be no surprises after the shower! You won't hear "it looked like it all rinsed off" or "it was darker before I rinsed" ever again! 

Skin nourishing and Instant Color ingredients mean the tan will look even and remain noticeable even after a rapid rinse of 1-2 hours. Spray, Rinse and attend your events with a Tan all in the same day!


The highest level of eco-cert DHA available on the market makes this rapid a True Rapid! It will be dark enough after 1-2 hours, so no marinating in your solution to achieve the darkest results! 


High end, moisturizing ingredients will leave your skin soft and keep your tan intact for 1-2 weeks! It's a nice, even fade as well as long-lasting.

*Both are available in Green & Violet Base

**Dark Depth 2 and 2V contain Black Walnut which is what gives it that deep, dark chocolate color. In some cases black walnut can be an allergen, so please, be sure to verify with each client that they are not allergic. You must thoroughly clean your gun before using it on a client that has this allergy if you haven't cleaned it since using Dark Depth2 or 2v. 


Image 1: After Tan

Image 2: After 2hr Rinse

Image 3: 24hrs Later